COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines for the Office Building

Alidade and Lincoln Harris have been busy preparing the office building for re-occupancy to help keep tenants and visitors safe and well.  The preparations include but are not limited to:


Increasing janitorial cleaning of common areas with anti-viral cleaning agenda

Installing Needlepoint Bi-polar Ionization (NBPI) in the HVAC units to safely clean building air by reducing particles, odor and most importantly, pathogens

Upgrading all building filtration systems

Installing touchless/handsfree faucets, soaps dispensers, toilet flush systems and paper towel dispensers in all rest rooms

Installing “StepNPull” foot-operated door pulls

Adding signage to illustrate social distancing guidelines and other safety protocols


We hope with these additional precautions our tenants feel more comfortable returning to the office.


Original Publish Date: May 29, 2020